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Our mission is to unlock the design potential in every child, and elevate life.


Our vision is to create a safe place for kids to learn and have fun. Kabuni’s magical Metaverse world of learning transcends a child into immersive experiences to enhance learning.

We leverage exponential technology, science and data to create measurable outcomes that help children from across the world to connect to a range of unique and positive immersive experiences. Technological and pedagogical innovation that prioritises the learner and educator. Driving better retention, speed, engagement and health with every immersive experience.

Kabuni is shaping the future of the Metaverse, prioritising the child’s long term wellbeing. Intentionally rectifying mistakes of the Internet in terms of child online safety. Kabuni will contribute to the responsible conduct of research and implementation of technology in the field of safe online environments for education.

Our work will take progressive action towards safe and responsible methods to integrate the Metaverse into our lives. Kabuni is helping shape the gold standard for integration of virtualization technology into children’s lives today and into the future.


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