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Jodi Stark of Stark Nature Design is a designer, beachcomber, woodworker and environmental activist, all-in-one. But its her irresistible upcyclyed creations that have particularly caught our eye here at Kabuni. See reuse at its best, while supporting a local green initiative with Stark Nature Design. 

Jodi's design process begins with old scrap wood and driftwood which she finds here in BC. Together with living plants and steel, she repurposes this wood to craft new and modern products that are both decorative, and functional. Made from salvaged wood, you can be assured that no two products are the same. Each piece of wood quirky and distinctive with its own grain pattern, ripples, knots, burrows and colouration. The end result? A plethora of home decor products with artistic flair which retain the organic appeal of the original wood ideal for bringing the outdoors into your interior space.

Jodis motivations for her work are many. Describing woodwork in a recent interview, she says: [Its an]immensely fulfilling complement to the activist work that I do. Its meditative, mathematical, precise and requires focus something I struggle with while working on a computer. I just absolutely love how the work is tactile and tangible. A signature from a politician cant undo the work that I do in the woodworking shop. I work mainly with driftwood and reclaimed wood, and giving new life to old materials is part of the draw for me. I also work as part of a collective of people who build, fix, invent, reinvent, upcycle and tinker. I believe that being part of the emerging sharing economy in Vancouver is an important part of social and environmental change….

Wood is one of the oldest materials known to man and can quickly redefine a space with its earthy vibe. Bringing us back to our roots with its natural touch and grounded presence, its versatile enough to make both traditional and contemporary looking home accessories all the while boosting your pad with a relaxing and soothing feel. As we hunt for ways to complement a more sustainable living, the concept of upcycling has become more and more fashionable in recent years. It's the perfect solution for the eco-conscious consumer. With home decor products that reuse wood, rather than being made with newly acquired wood, consumers can rest assured that their purchases arent contributing to the stripping of earths natural resources. Whats more, exposed to the natural elements all year round, reclaimed wood has a robustness and long lasting quality that newer woods lack. As well as a preserved natural charm thanks to its life journey literally crafted by nature, the wood is shaped by the water and coloured by the sun. Driftwood in particular has a real beauty that simply cannot be created from scratch. 

Jodis connection to nature runs deeper than just interior design and woodwork. For a number of years shes worked in environmental communications, and collaborated with several environmental groups across North America campaigning for change. A passionate activist, her time is also consumed urging others to get involved. Rather than just social media sharing, she heavily promotes proactive engagement through volunteering, events, rallies, and crowdfunding. Most of her time is now dedicated to working with the David Suzuki Foundation; a highly respected environmental non-profit organization based here in Vancouver, Canada. 

Stark Nature Designs vast array of home accessories range from tables, shelving to lamps, kitchen accessories and much more. Her River Rock End Tables are sure to add a soothing ambiance to your living room handcrafted from reclaimed Douglas Fir beams, native to BC, with river rocks, stainless steel and glass.

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