Sam Farahani Renovations

What first got you interested in the industry? 

My family was heavily into renovations and home builds since I was young and so I would get involved as much as I could.  I also love the process of taking a vision whether it be aesthetic or a lifestyle challenge, and going through the process of making it come to life and improving one's home.

Is there a particular style/ interior design style that inspires you?  

I just love thoughtful creative design.  I can geek out on something super modern, sleek, and simple, but at the same time get lost in vintage millwork, or the intricacies of a complex granite slab.  There's so much beauty out there, I refuse to put myself in a box.

Where do you tend to look for inspiration when researching products, fixtures, fittings and finishes to use in your projects?

It comes from everywhere.  Obviously the go to's are things like Instagram, Pinterest, and design magazines, but often times, ideas or concepts come from just being out and about.  Driving or walking somewhere and something catches your eye, a space, an arrangement of colours, and you think "yeah I'm going to use that!"

What advice would you give to someone embarking on a custom build/ renovation project?

Call me.  :)  But aside from that, plan plan plan.  Really examine with a critical eye the process your prospective contractor(s) are proposing.  Is it logical?  When is decision making taking place?  Who makes the decisions?  What level of access are they giving you to budgets, costs, and schedules?  

What are the steps to a smooth build/renovation process? 

Planning. Communication. Transparency. Commitment.  

What is the project that you're proudest of? 

That's like asking me to choose between children. Can't do it.  But I'll tell you this, that my greatest pride doesn't come from the finished product, which is funny to say because they are amazing, but it really comes from the joy in the faces of my clients. Its an amazing feeling after all the blood and sweat that goes into these projects.

Are there any particular design trends, materials that are hot right now?

I think more and more people are thinking beyond the aesthetic.  I certainly try to prod my clients to think about lifestyle and think about function.  What are the annoyances you have come to accept in your life and how do we get rid of them because you don't have to be ok with that. Aesthetically it's funny as my client's go two ways, either very modern with clean lines and finishes, or with more classic elements to keep their spaces timeless and they pepper in some modern touches with fixtures and automation (the jewelry).

What is the one thing you most excited about for Kabuni?

The community. I love the people, the mindset, and the overall spirit of everyone that I have met to date.  So much well intentioned creativity to help people improve their lifestyles…It's really an amazing environment to be in.


By Clare Langrishe

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