Behind the Scenes: Technology Meets Nature

Kabuni was a proud leading sponsor of Dinner by Design. Our resident designer, Ryleah Resler, styled a table that encompassed emerging technology in an organic landscape. Key elements from the Kabuni House were recreated by gathering our community of makers, designers, and inspiration seekers in this contemporary space. 

Ryleahs inspiration for our table, titled We Are So Good Together came about by giving traditional West Coast aesthetic a colourful revamp.   

Megan Branson from Olla Urban Flower Project made us a custom wildflower bouquet using ethically sourced flowers to compliment Ryleahs colour scheme. We photographed the bouquet from 6 sides to highlight all the angles of the arrangement. H+ Technology rendered the photographs into a 3-D file to be displayed in our mini Holus. 

Karl Simmons worked on the laser cut screen at Chapel Arts.

Set against a blushing pink background, the laser-cut screen from Chapel Arts arched over nesting tables by Kate Duncan, laden with floral arrangements from Olla Flowers, and set on wood flooring by Valkyrie Custom Millwork. An ode to collaboration, a marriage between the overflowing bounty of nature, the history of wood, and industrialism.  

Nestled amongst the flowers was a small pyramid the mini version of the Kabuni Dream Room projecting the 3D flower arrangement as the centerpiece to Ryleahs design. 

We wouldnt have been able to make this table a reality without our sponsors. 

Thank you to Valkyrie Custom MillworkOlla FlowersKate Duncan,Chapel ArtsUpper CanadaKarl SimmonsLighting GeekH+ Technology, and Fabulous Furnishings. Missed our tablescape at Dinner by Design? See it displayed at IDS from September 22-25th, 2016.

On Sunday, September 25th is Against The Grain: Design Rebels, where our CEO Neil Patel will be speaking about why he decided to step away from the expected and lead a charge toward change in design.

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