Art, photography and graphic design all in one � Stacey Bodnaruk�s �Art-ography�

Stacey is a Canadian, West Coast-based visual artist and photographer. Shes developed a style all her own: Art-ography. Combining nature, photography, graphic design and arts, she merges visual concepts together to create one unique story, evoking dreamlike quality.

Using her own original photos acquired from travels around the world, Stacey works with digital software to edit and blend her photos together through layers and textures. Combining three to seven photos in one piece to create the final artwork, her storytelling approach breathes new life into contemporary art. Printing on non-traditional printing methods such as aluminum, wood, and acrylic glass face-mounting also adds real beauty and depth to the finished piece.

Stacey had a clear mission from the outset: my main goal was to create personal artwork that would offer a vibrant, interesting, meaningful and fictional story all within one image. It all began when I had a vision to create a piece of art that combined my passion for the mountains and the ocean and the beauty of the Pacific North-West.

Staceys work includes a number of collections, inspired by her hometown, Whistler, as well as Vancouver, the mountains and ocean nearby. Her work also features her travels further afield to Hawaii, Mexico, California, Costa Rica & the Caribbean.

In her Spirit Animal series, she draws together the supernatural relationship that exists between our surroundings, natural environment and the people within it. This collection features the awesome power of the wilderness depicting wolf, bear, moose and eagles against the majestic Whistler scenery. While her Vancouver Sunrise is a stunning vibrant Vancouver cityscape, created from a blend of photos from Coal Harbour. This piece celebrates Vancouvers stillness and natural beauty at the beginning of daylight.

Stacey also offers custom artwork. Combining her expertise in interior design with her background in art and photography, she creates unique artwork and customized limited edition pieces suited to the specific decor and style of a home. She collaborates with interior designers, realtors, homeowners and more to help create beautiful spaces.

You can find Staceys highly sought after work showcased in a number of commercial spaces and boutique hotels in Whistler. Her work has also been featured in art exhibitions in Whistler, Vancouver and Tofino, and Mountain Life Magazine, The Inertia and Whistler news publications.  

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