Landing 2022

A safe Metaverse for kids.


An unimaginable immersive experience, centered around
education, that takes each child safely into the Metaverse
to learn, grow, explore.

A child creates and mints their unique digital avatar on Flow blockchain which then represents them in the Metaverse as they explore, learn and grow.

The world's first Metacurrency designed to motivate kids to learn, earn, donate and learn about the world around them.

A digital representation of our world and the planets in the Metaverse, owned and built by its citizens where they can explore and elevate their lives.

3D asset library, utilities and apps that empower a creative community to build personal miniverses within the Kabuni Metaverse.

Unleash your creativity in the design studio as you curate your unique Metaverse world on Flow blockchain.

A unique digital avatar minted on Flow blockchain meant to represent every child in the Metaverse as they explore, learn and grow.

The World's first Metacurrency and impact token designed to motivate kids to learn, earn, donate and become superheroes.

A Metaverse which is a digital representation of our world and the planets, owned and built by its citizens for them to elevate life all around.

A library of 3D assets, utilities and apps designed to empower a creative community that can build personal miniverses into the largest known Metaverse.

Design and curate a unique entrance to the Metaverse world, with access to your own perfect miniverse, integrated into Flow blockchain.

Unlock the design potential
in every human being,
and elevate life.

Customisable colors

Coming Soon

Impactful and engaging immersive learning that playfully
captures a child’s imagination as they explore, learn and grow with new
knowledge and life experiences.

Our Planet
Social Sciences
The Universe
NFT credit: Imaginary Ones

Kabuni's Design Studio

Birthing a new generation of young artists within the global community who can build life-changing careers in the Metaverse across fashion, art, architecture and even engineering.

A seamless experience integrated into our hardware and software brings a single-click NFT minting experience to scale our citizens imagination and design possibilities into a new Metaverse economy.

A safe place to learn and have fun

NO MORE BORING lessons or homework. Kabuni’s magical Metaverse world of learning transcends a child into immersive experiences where they retain more of what they are taught, learn faster, and enjoy healthy mental wellness.

user identity, avatar and coin enables parents to always
be fully involved with what their kids are exploring and learning.

Start your education journey with tools to elevate your life.

Unique onboarding for each child ensures stringent identity verification and safety in the Metaverse

Create Safe Metaverse ID

Kids are onboarded via a school email address as
proof-of-personhood protocol, followed by
two factor authentication

Create Your Avatar

A unique digital avatar of your child
removes any risk of your child's
personal data being exposed.

Claim Kabuni Coins

Worlds first digital metacurrency designed to
motivate kids to
learn, earn, donate and
become super heroes in the metaverse.

Secure Your Abode

Secure your exclusive Metapostcode,
then design & build your own miniverse
in your favourite location anywhere in the world. And start your personal learn-to-earn journey.


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